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Love 8bit Music? Live around San Francisco? Then you better be at DNA Lounge this Sunday

This show is going to give you an acoustic seizure
This Sunday Aug 29th, 8bitsf presents a show that is going to tantalize your little 8-bit hearts. With bands like Anamanaguchi, minusbaby, crashfaster, and our friend Mr. Spastic, it's sure to be a kick ass show.

All you gotta do is get your tickets online (you save $4 bones) and walk your nerdy self down to the DNA Lounge.

If your still on the fence deciding whether another night of playing Call of Duty or WoW still sounds like more fun. Go to the 8bitsf website and download free tracks from each of the bands. Like I said before, Mr. Spastic is a friend and if you want to learn more about him and hear some of his music. We interviewed him on the on Episode 20 of the podcast.

So be there, be square, I'll be there.... you know just get you ass down there and pretend like its Friday night.

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