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Holy crap a new Blaster Master Game.

Hey it's me again, your resident Nintendo dork here to let you guys know that from out of nowhere Sunsoft has released a new Blaster Master game titled "Blaster Master: Overdrive" for WiiWare (the peasants rejoice). It's not a remake, but a whole new game based on one of my favorite and insanely difficult childhood NES games. Nintendo just recently released the original Blaster Master on the Virtual Console back in December and there seems to be a trend recently where once a classic game gets released on VC then something totally new ends up appearing down the line. Pilotwings for the SNES was just released on the Virtual Console as well; could a new Pilotwings be far away?
0_o *head explodes.

I've posted a video and a link to the official announcement about the new release by Sunsoft. It almost seems like they didn't even know it was coming out, since they announced this last Friday and it's here now ready to download. It's $10 for admission for this wonderful surprise. Happy Gaming.

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