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Intial Thoughts: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Ulitmate All-Stars

Den and I just picked up copies of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom for Wii and spent an evening drinking booze and beating the crap out of each other with rainbow Yoyo's, giant robots and Hadoukens. So far playing this sparkling gem from Japan has been a pretty good time. Originally it wasn't thought that the game with it's cast of characters weren't going make it over to our neck of the woods, but here it is in all its over the top glory. Thank you Capcom.

Half of the games set of characters are from the famed Japanese Animation Company Tatsunoko who created many Anime series starting back way back before many of use were born. So more likely than not your not going to recognize many of them. The other half of course reign from Capcom's library of characters beyond just the Street Fighter realm. All in all its quite the mix of characters and for me it's been refreshing to play a fighting game with characters I know nothing about. It makes the battles much more interesting when your playing with new characters and seeing something unexpected.

The basic of the games combat consist of 3 buttons for Strong, Medium, and Light attacks. Its makes the game a little easier to get right into the thick of it and do some amazing attacks. You might be fooled into thinking the game is a button masher but as I was playing the game I began to notice that the game has some hidden depth to it. Expert players are going to have a field day mastering all the different characters in the game.

Den and I spent most of our time doing some online battling and it worked without a hitch. I noticed no lag in our friend matches. I also tried out some ranked online battles and so far I only had one battle with a little lag in the beginning of the match then it was fine after that.

So far Tasunoko Vs. Capcom has been a pretty entertaining ride. If your interested in seeing a unique fighter, then we think its well worth your time.

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