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Muscle March: Busting walls and balls all the way from Japan.

So today I got home from work and my Wii was glowing with that warm inviting blue light, letting me know I have received something special in my inbox. Oh boy did I get something special today. Muscle March for WiiWare. Den, who works with me at Who Burned My Toast was kind enough to gift me this game from the WiiShop Channel for $5. Isn't he such a thoughtful guy?

If you couldn't already tell this game involves Body Builders and a Polar Bear scantily dressed in Speedos. Why you ask? Cause weird people are stealing these poor manly mans protein powder and you need to race through various environments smashing through walls and wiggling your ass to catch them. I think the gameplay will all make sense if you just watch the video below.

I saw the Japanese version of this game on youtube awhile back and never thought in a million years it would be localized and brought to the states. It's just the most way out there and hilarious game I have ever laid my eyes upon. It's a novelty game for sure and worth a good laugh when I have friends over for drinks. This game just makes you wonder WTF is up with Japan? Watch your back Den.


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