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Musicast EP 04: Mega Man

He's blue and cyan... MEGA MAN! Well on this North America game box art he's more of a yellow and bluish color, but that's beside the point. We go back to one of the greatest classics to ever grace the NES console and feature music from the first three games in the Mega Man (a.k.a Rockman) series.

We hope that this episode brings back fond memories of the glory days when games were designed to kick your little kid ass. I believe most of us remember the good old days of challenging platformers and Mega Man was one of the best to come from the NES era.

Mega Man: Music Composer Manami Matsumae.
  1. Cutman
  2. Fireman
  3. Bombman
  4. Elecman
  5. Dr. Wileys Castle
Mega Man II: Music Composer Takashi Tateishi.
  1. Intro
  2. Metalman
  3. Flashman
  4. Quickman
  5. Woodman
  6. Airman
  7. Crashman
  8. Bubbleman
  9. Heatman
  10. Dr. Wileys Castle
Mega Man III: Music Composer Yasuaki Fujita.
  1. Enemey Select
  2. Topman
  3. Sparkman
  4. Hardman
  5. Magnet man
  6. Needleman
  7. Snakeman
  8. Dr WIleys castle
Please let us know what you think of the new Musicast series and don't forget to send us in your requests for game soundtracks for us to feature. We hope you enjoy listening to the show.

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  1. Mega Man...another series I have never completed a game in.
    I enjoyed listening to this throughout the last week though; keep up the great work!

  2. Not finishing a Mega Man game is completely understandable. They were way to difficult. I never could beat MMII until I got older and wiser and less rage like.

    Thanks for the feedback. The Musicasts are a lot of fun to make.


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