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Musicast 05: Phantasy Star I & II

Phantasy Star is one of the most popular PSP games out there. On the Dreamcast too it was very popular. But before Phantasy Star went online it was just a sci-fi themed first person view RPG on the Sega Master System.

Some call it the greatest RPG series of it's time. Some call it the greatest RPG series period. Whatever the case for you, Phantasy Star is something you should take a lot more seriously in the future.

How many of you can remember playing any of the Phantasy Star games?

Phantasy Star I: Music Composer Tokuhiko Uwabo (bo).

Phantasy Star II: Music Composer Tokuhiko Uwabo (bo).

    Please let us know what you think of the new Musicast series and don't forget to send us in your requests for game soundtracks for us to feature. We hope you enjoy listening to the show.

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    1. Good stuff, I've never knew much about the series even though I have heard about it a lot. I was interested in the DS version but never got around to it. You gotta love the Sega sound card, lol it produces some awesome twangs.

      Also love the Osiris (Your Cat) outro, that should be a staple on all the podcasts.

    2. Yes Nicole agrees that Osiris should be in every episode.

      Also about the DS version. Silent Bob actually commented that he wanted us to get that game so we could all co-op. I don't remember if it's wifi or local only.

      I'll be revisiting this series relatively soon though. I originally wanted to do all 4 at once but quickly realized that it would a lot more time. Could have been our first hour long musicast!

    3. Its a shame that both the NES and the SMS had 2nd rate soundchips for the US / Euro consoles, the Japanese originals had much better chips in them. Thats why the original Japanese version of PS1 has much better music

    4. That's how it always went. We get the watered down versions of stuff. I think that's changed a little though.

      I'll be doing 3-4 soon. Those were really good :).


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