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WiiU Launch Day Unboxing Event and I Might Be Wearing a Yoshi Costume, If You're Lucky

Come join us for a WiiU launch day unboxing event. We'll be streaming live and you can come in, ask questions and see how this whole WiiU thing is going to ultimately work or fail. It's ustream so we'll try to do some coverage of the WiiU interface and hopefully a game or two if the connection holds up.

As a special bonus if you guys can drum up 150 likes for the facebook page, I'll wear my Yoshi Halloween costume that fits ages 10 and under. See you then.

Details: 11/18 11am PST


  1. You can't buy the Wii U...Bernie wouldn't approve. Not only is not not made here, but you know HOW it was...he will frown upon you.

    "As a special bonus if you guys can drum up 150 likes for the facebook page, I'll wear my Yoshi Halloween costume that fits ages 10 and under. See you then."

    *goes to create another 50 Facebook accounts, so Bean 1 can see Yoshi!

  2. I know, I know, why must you guilt trip me. But aren't you ready for launch day as well?

    Let's hope we don't traumatize Bean 1 for life with this Yoshi costume.

  3. Bean 1 will find it amazing, almost guaranteed. I've been working on a Bean 1 Mario video for the last week, trying to figure out some special effects for it.

    If it's Mario related, he can usually identify (Yoshi not a problem at all)...

    BUT, as for your guilt trip...he would be ashamed! You could always offer him to hold your spot in line though, while you check the store for products he would be interested in.

    You know, I gotta say I'm very disappointed with the Wii U right now...for a few reasons (Nintendo mainly), but one big midnight launch!?

    The Wal-Mart that is closest to our house isn't even open 24/7, just until midnight...which means no midnight launch there. GameStop isn't, and out of the 4-6 Best Buys in our area, NONE are doing a midnight launch. I'm a night owl...I don't want to go out early in the morning to fight the crazy retail madness, I want to be drinking my coffee and gaming!

  4. Yeah Im not sure why no midnight launch... at least it's the weekend before black Friday.

  5. " least it's the weekend before black Friday."

    TRUE DAT! I have to find me a big screen TV for my fallout shelter. Looking at a 40 inch 1080P right now, that will be $180 on BF.

    Do you have a HD TV? Any thoughts on brand, and the whole 60hz vs 120hz?

  6. I think I will have good luck =)) . thank you

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