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Take a Journey with us March 14th 2012.

"That Game Company" has finally announced a release date for their upcoming visually stunning game Journey. A very unique downloadable game coming to the Playstation Network.

It's a game who's concept still eludes me. What I know about it is; you'll wander around a sandy dune like world as a robed character trying to get to a mountain in the distance. There is no form of communication but you will encounter other players on their own journey. I believe you can then chose to hinder or help their progress through the world, but I could be completely wrong about that.

Visually it's one of the most attractive looking games. Specifically for it's vector style graphics and smooth animations. A beautiful piece of art in my opinion, this is definitely something I'm going to buy right away.

If you are unfamiliar with the work of "That Game Company" and own a PS3 go ahead and download the "Flower" demo on the PSN. One of the first games that will come up in an discussion about gaming as Art.

Go here for more info

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