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Musicast Ep 15: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Video Game

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal.
Published by Ubisoft and Universal Studios.
Art by: Paul Robertson, Stephane Boutin, Jonathan Lavigne, Justin Cyr, Jonathan Kim, and Mariel Cartwright.
Music: Anamanaguchi.

I didn't read the graphic novel, nor did I ever care to. As fun and interesting as it might be, I was more interested in the game for a couple of reasons.
Anamanaguchi I heard was going to be doing the whole soundtrack to the game. They are an 8-bit chiptune punk rock band that I had once heard. I really enjoy their music so I was very excited about this.
The other super attractive thing about this game is the main artist. His name is Robert Paulson... no I mean, his name is Paul Robertson. His work is familiar to me because of one really cool video. Here it is:

Big thanks to Edward Fonseca for the recommendation. If you have a video game you'd like us to do a musicast of email us We hope you enjoy this weeks Musicast.

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