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Musicast 09: Cho Ren Sha 68k

What you've never heard of it? Yeah I know. Well here's your chance to be cool once again, like you were after you snorted that pepper off of your desk in Jr. High. Yes that's right, after listening to this you'll command a new respect among your pears.

Cho ren Sha 68k was a game that was made for the "Sharp 68K" gaming system that was only released in Japan. How would I know about this game at all you ask? Well they went through the trouble of porting it to windows! Here's your chance to be cool again.

CLICK HERE to download the full game. Believe me you won't regret it. As you can see in the image above this is a classic space shooter, also called a "Shoot 'em up", or that other stupid phrase people like to us that I won't use.

Anyway listen up.
Developed by: Famibe No Yosshin
Music composed by Ruzarin Kashiwagi.

Please let us know what you think of this not so new series and don't forget to send us in your requests for game soundtracks for us to feature. We hope you enjoy this weeks Musicast.

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