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What the?! Megaman Universe confuses the masses.

Megaman has always been a cool concept for me. I actually was one of the only kids that missed the bus on this one. I don't really know why but it didn't call to me the way it did to other kids.

Anywho, this trailer was released and what it teases it seems is some kind of Capcom crossover game. Again, no clue what is going on here but it's fun to speculate.

Maybe it'll be a 2D platformer, where you'll get powers from all of the different Capcom characters. Ryu's Hadouken, Bionic Commando's arm, stuff like that.

What does this trailer tell us, if anything, about the game?

Is it going to be made to look like clay animation like that horrid "Clay Fighters" game?

Will it be a 2D retro flavored game?


  1. It looks like your going to be able to play Mega Man games with the library of Capcom characters. Most likely turned into Mega Man style sprites.

    I bet they have leader boards for speed runs etc.

  2. You <3 Megaman. I know this. Are you super excited for it, or is this just a "meh" for you?

  3. Mega Man 2 will always be the best one for me. The music blew me away as a kid. I'm not excited yet, but the updated music in the video was rad. I keep planning on getting 9 but just haven't gotten to it.

  4. I have never played and beaten an entire Mega Man game, one of the many series of games on my list; but that trailer definitely was interesting, and confusing.

    "What does this trailer tell us, if anything, about the game?"
    Street Fighter characters in the game?

    "Is it going to be made to look like clay animation like that horrid "Clay Fighters" game?"
    It was almost like Toy Story type animation, but not. I actually thought Clay Fighters had an interesting look back in the day, maybe it's the nostalgia on my mind...maybe it's the coffee!?

    "Will it be a 2D retro flavored game?"
    Probably. Mega Man 9 and 10 have done well for them.

  5. Yeah I actually played clay fighters a lot with a good friend of mine lol. I still remember the Piano background level clearly. But everyone else seemed to hate it.

    Anyway, maybe this will be the megaman that actually gets me!


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