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  1. Buying small items/ microtransactions-
    I've personally witnessed a TON of the negative of this type of thing, in the many Korea MMO's i've played.... buying items on those games gave you an unfair advantage. the games were all free, but the good items cost money. But microtransaction for personality is pretty much harmless. doesn't really even cost that much, when you think about it. $2.99 is less than what i paid for a cup of coffee with a fancy name on it. Better it go to a company I want to support that provides games I enjoy.
    I will completely digress, though, and just say that it would be amazingly ideal and awesome if all this stuff was just available for free. Or replace it with an ingame activity that earns you ingame currency that you can buy those items with. Tekken6 is like that. You can kinda tell if someone likes a character if they invested thier ingame currency on them.
    On a side note, HOLY CRAP i'm kicking ass on Tekken 6 online, more than ever. i'm getting kicked out of nearly every lobby, people will unplug thier internet to avoid a fight with me in the ranked matches, in which i have an average of 83% win ratio. (Wanna fight, anybody? ps3 ID- Vermin23)
    But if they had more minigames or whatever on PS3 home that could earn you ingame money, then more people would be on. Therefore, the people that run it can say to other businesses, "hey, i got a bunch of eyes looking at empty space that is for sale. Then bickety-bam, sponsors gallore. That's who TV works, that's many how websites work. PS3 Home is already trying to do this but they just need that right type of general minigame that's not related to an already existing game (unlike the "find the beetles" game in the RE5 location).

    I second the notion that people that liked Devil May Cry and God of War will like this game. After all, it's made by the same person as Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe- Hideki Kamiya. And like the Butcher said, it can be fun. I played the Devil May Cry's and found them to get more and more boring. But Bayonetta was pretty fun and entertaining. sexy character? The term for unreasonable sexiness is called "Fan-Service". And yes, it does use that. The Higher the combo, the lower the amount of clothes. it's a bad thing if it's dependant on Fan-Servicing. Fall to her charms if you want, but it's just asthetics, not the point of the game.... unlike... D...O...A.... Beach...Volleyball.....but we won't talk about that. <.< >.> Anyways, there's a move that you can do that puts you into a slow-mo-shoot-everything-around-you-at-will type of mode that reminds me of Equilibrium's Gun-kata. Observe-
    Story? In action-type games, stories don't take too much importance anymore if i enjoy the game. i can have an oldschool mentality when it comes to that. example: I liked Double Dragon. and that story was as basic as an 80's action movie with a mono-sylabic steriod monkey with the occasional pun. lol on a side note, my g/f wants to buy this game, and even dress up as the main character. does that make me biased? lol

    Den, you know I always make fun of the whole "mash the attack button!" "Haaa-Haaa-HIYAAA x 1 million", but it plays out as a fun game with this one. Just download the demo and play it. I absolutely will not garuantee that you will like it, but just try it.

    and please, enough of the "you're stupid if you don't have our same opinion" stuff. i can't call console FPS players stupid just because i know that PC mouse/keyboard is far superior. You can't argue with someone's "fun" gauge.

    sorry if i wrote too much LOL ^_^;

  2. Thanks for listening to the podcast Vermin!

    We always love to hear your opinions and comments about the shows.

    That said--Your stupid for not having our same opinion!

    Just kidding! lol we never actually say that, nor do we believe it. Simply stated our tagline is "Reckless Gaming Opinions", so that's what we do.

    We give no apologies for our opinions, because we are neither wrong nor right. They are just that, our opinions.

    And as for Bayonetta, my opinion of it was conceived after playing the demo. Perhaps after I give the game a play through my mind will change.

    Best Regards


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