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WBMT Episode 57: Goodbye Jobs. Goodbye Steve.

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, we get the crew together and discuss Jobs influence on the computing industry and the world. Whether you're an Apple fanatic or a hater of all things sleek and shiny, there is no denying that the world of computing and Apple itself has dramatically changed since the early 2000's. This is mainly due to Steve Jobs own handling of the company and it's products. Don't think don't leave any stone unturned and delve into the companies questionable business practices either.

We also give you our thoughts on Dark Souls, Aliens Infestation, and Dead Island with our usual dose of the biggest news happening in gaming that you should be paying attention too. So sit back, lock it up and enjoy this weeks show.

What are you thoughts on Apple? Do you love everything Apple or loathe the fanboys?

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  1. Thanks guys. I enjoyed this podcast. It really helped get me through an hour and 1/2 of work.

    I respect Steve Jobs as a person and his vision as well. But I'm not too keen on the inner working of the company. There's been a lot of rumors how the company was slave drivers though lol.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Thanks for listening Charlie. We try to entertain :).

    Steve Jobs was a very ambitious guy, and with that always comes a lot of other stuff. We hope in the future Apple makes better choices when it comes to that sort of thing, but odds are they probably wont.

    Have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the Musicast for this week too.

  3. What's up Charlie, glad we could help. I think Apple business practices are a systemic problem with all big American companies. I think it's something that will hopefully change soon if the people get their way.

    Thanks for listening dude!


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