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Ep 53: 3DS Failure to Launch

3DS Failure to Launch

Your bi-weekly dose of video game news and opinion is here, ready for consumption. The crew is joined by our PC and gadget guru Drew Aydelott. He gives us some pointers on what your going to need to get Battlefield 3 up an running on your PC.

The portable gaming market has seen some drastic changes in the last three years. Smartphones are now a more viable and capable platform for gaming on the go. With the launch of the 3DS, it's becoming clear that things really have changed and Nintendo is experiencing a rough start getting the 3DS of the ground. We discuss the future and our thoughts on what is happening to Nintendo right now. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or email us at

Here's a list of things we waste your time talking about this week:
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  1. Excellent image there!

    My thoughts on Nintendo? The internets would explode with a wall of text!

  2. @coffee, yes isn't Satoru's dress pretty?

    Yes I think Nintendo is having a hard time making anyone happy at this point.

    Did you go to Walmart and pick up your 3DS on the cheap yet?

  3. @Brad:
    Nope, haven't gone to Wal-Mart and purchased it yet, but I probably should considering when inflation hits because of this awesome economy...the 3DS will be back at $250!

    As for the dress, the only issue I see is no purse to hold a 3DS.

  4. This image is Sooooooooo Good! - Excellent work Mr. Jergenflaghenshtaghen.


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