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EP 42: The meaning of life, the Universe, and everything

First and foremost we would like to encourage everyone to donate what they can to help the people of Japan. Our friend Leonard is okay outside of Tokyo, but there are still a lot of people are are in need as the country struggles to deal with the continuing aftershocks, Nuclear reactor explosions, and people without homes trying to survive in frigid weather.

Our friend Bobby joins us again this week to talk about and play Advance Wars Days of ruin. Brad gets his hands on a Nintendo 3DS for 2 hours at the Nintendo 3DS Demo Pod tour in San Francisco and give us his thoughts on the little device that could. Everything else this episode is just icing on the cake. It's a fully loaded hour of Who Burned My Toast! Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Here is a list of the topics we covered on this weeks show.
Featured music for this episode: Advanced Wars Days of Ruin Soundtrack

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  1. Awesome podcast. Lots of great words of wisdom ;). It's actually the first one I've listened to because I only recently came across your blog. Good stuff and will be back for more.

  2. @E.B. Thanks for the feedback. How did you end up finding the blog?

  3. Not quite sure, I wanna say I got connected through another site...whether it be n4g(Nice comment in the podcast), google, and actually I think it may have been a facebook post that got commented on...maybe Lost in Shadow?

    This one:!/notes/lost-in-shadow/lis-fans-questions-answered-part-1/161188840584795

    I saw you said you were goin to post it on your blog and then googled you--found whoburnedmytoast.

    (Sorry...I think I just posted my thought process) Anyway...I enjoy reading your blog..especially cause you have a bunch of crazy/interesting MonsterHunter posts up.

  4. Only reason I was interested in the questions was cause I was hoping mine would get picked...and it did...!/notes/lost-in-shadow/lis-fans-questions-answered-part-3/162116217158724

  5. Yeah I still troll N4G anyway too.

    Thanks for the feedback. And you can always count on Monster Hunter stuff coming from us lol.

  6. I feel like I missed some of the posts here.

    @E.B. Geer. Me too! I was the first one to get my question answered to by the director of Lost in Shadow

    They never sent me that special something they said they were going to send out to everyone. Did they send you anything?

  7. @Brad:
    Sony is ripping you off for $100, THEIR update killed your PS3...LAWYER(People's Court?!).

    Sounds like Nintendo's epic repair service, where they don't read notes, send out junk Wiis, and charge your $70-90 per time.

    SURF BOARD STORAGE FTW! Forget Cloud Storage!
    Anywho, I think your trophies should still be there, as you said they're backed up on a server somewhere or something, and linked to your account...

    As for the 3DS stuff...kind of UNDERwhelming, other than the AR stuff.
    Bobby sounded like he may be making the right call, with waiting for the NEXT 3DS...I still seriously don't know if I'll be purchasing this...I want to experience it first.

    Can't believe you both dissed the gaming community at the end! I'M DONE WITH THIS PODCAST...until the next time :).

    As for Kinect, it doesn't FEEL different...because you're not FEELING're just WAGGLING YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR...oh snap, I went there!

    Also, I noticed I didn't give any SHOUTOUT for submitting your 3DS video...invoice incoming!

  8. @Coffee lol We'll be sure to give you a shout-out next episode. This was recorded on Sunday, and you submitted it on monday >:). Still though you get one on here too - We really appreciate it :D!

    Yeah Bobby's got a level head on his shoulders... although we'll see how long it stays level once I pick up my 3DS >:)

  9. @Brad...Yea...there is a post or two missing...I was going through my thought process of how I came across your site...and it was through your facebook post on the Lost in Shadow page...You said you were going to post it on your i googled your name and found your blog.

    Also included some banter about n4g-

    And also had some info on checkin out your site for interesting/crazy Monster Hunter posts

    (PS--its weird because Amado saw the post based on his comment---and I saw the post last night--but theres nothing there today)

  10. PSS--When I got my question answered--they sent me a demo of Lost in Shadow prior to its release. Cool game---but the fighting is kind of broken.

  11. @E.B. Yeah I never received a demo from them, I emailed them twice and nothing ever came.

    It was true I did say I was going to post about the game. Well I trudged through 12hrs, beat it, and couldn't bring myself to talk about it any more, I do on the podcast. Ever play a game and finish only because you already invested so much time into it?

    Your right the combat system is extremely simplified and often it feels like yet another way to extend the length of the game. It would have been way more interesting to kill the monster using light as your weapon in some more ways. Instead as usual JP will give you surprise, a Sword!

    Other than that I think the game dragged on way to long and often the puzzles didn't feel like puzzles. Not a bad game, just not a great as I think it could have been. LOL. There I posted about it!

    @ Coffee
    Want to join me in another class action lawsuit?

    SURF BOARD STORAGE FTW!- Thanks for picking on me.. waaaahh.

    In terms of the 3DS I think seeing is believing at this point. I'm ready for a DS uber upgrade.

    Thanks for the citing the video man, we got a lot of views from it!

  12. @Brad...I'm glad I got the demo because it was enough to feed my fix...I never finished the demo and didn't buy the game...I know there was another game that came out that I opted for but I can't remember for the life of me...

    LiS just didn't fit the bill which is a looked so promising.

    "Ever play a game and finish only because you already invested so much time into it?" Yes.
    --thats kind of how I felt middle/end of Castlevania LoS--it just started to get too frustrating..its the only game in recent history that I wanted to throw my controller through the TV in hopes of hitting the character in the head--in this case--Gabriel Belmont


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