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Ep 41 The Mystical Tabletop Gaming Ninja

This episode we are joined by our good friend Bobby in order to help us understand a different aspect of "gaming". Gaming at its roots. We're talking about Tabletop gaming.

Confused as you might be when entering one of those gaming shops; They are our cousins. Love your cousins (no not that way sickos!).

Here is a list of the topics we covered on this weeks show.

Featured music for this episode: The Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

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  1. Hey Amado and Brad

    Thanks for letting me in on your EP.41 I had a blast! There will be a drinking game out of this episode with how many times I said AMAZING! I'll have to remeber never to say it again lol.

    @Amado There is a Canadian Mech tabletop game out there called Heavy Gear Blitz by DreamPod9. Great rule set and scuplts you may want to check out. Forgot to tell you that. Doing a podcast definately isn't easy kinda get a little scatterbrained

  2. And the Nicolas Cage movie was called Knowing. Decent movie to watch.

  3. @graysage, Thanks for coming on and shedding some light on another realm of gaming we often forget about. Yes scatter brain is a common ailment for podcast and I to suffer from it. But practice makes perfect. I too realized that the Nic Cage movie was Knowing later, check out Vampires Kiss if you want to see more Nic Cage amazingness.

    Please make a Photo Dojo video with Amado!

  4. Yes! We definitely will make a Photo Dojo game and record some gameplay. I'm also going to do some video filming of a game in progress on a friday night if the group permits.

    Thanks so much for coming on Robert, had a lot of fun. Next time you better bring your hunter on your Wii-mote, and your PSP.

  5. I'm excited you guys talked about warhammer...I have WAY too many of these little guys...Warhammer and 40K. I'm surprised, as gamers, that you haven't heard of tabletop gaming prior to this. Real cool games--just lots of rules and knowing stats/etc. Its probably a much more expensive hobby than video gaming though...

    I know I'm kind of late on commenting.but I'm back tracking into your older podcasts.

  6. lol - yeah I've actually heard a little about tabletop gaming throughout my life, but not enough to really put it all together in my head.

    So what I really wanted was just to get someone who could explain it to me from that prospective. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  7. PS-There's plenty of videos on youtube of games being played.

    This is a Warhammer 40k game


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