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Podcast: Episode 16

On this episode of Who Burned My Toast we interview Shawn Baxter (A.K.A. Snow) from We talk about some of the things that goes on behind the scenes and find out how Capcom's desire to connect with their fans is influencing their games. It's Shawn's job as a community specialist to help facilitate the conversation between fans and the developers to make games that we want. It's a win-win.

We also have some XBOX live codes to give away again this episode. We have a XBOX Live 3 month subscription card and Shawn provided us with some XBox Lost Planet 2 Avatar skins to giveaway. These are first come first serve basis. So hurry up and listen now and grab them before anyone one else does.

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  1. So, if I'm HR9 and I've played the game for 33 hours(give or take a few), how many hours until I reach HR999?

    That's crazy!

  2. LOL yeah. HR 999... That's just crazy. Ok so maybe if I wasn't married, wasn't even in a relationship, and ignored everything except this game and work. Maybe then would I think I'd get there.

  3. Ummm, I'm at 98 hrs and HR 20 now... I don't want to admit how many hrs I put into it if I get to 999.


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