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WBMT EP 71: E3 2012!

The crew assembles bright and early for this post E3 focused episode. We've had a few days to let the events of the week stew in our little brains and enough time has passed that any gut reactions have been digested with as much reason as possible. The big questions are addressed. Who won E3? Did Nintendo and the Wii U make a big enough impact to capture gamers attention? What we're the big games of the show? What's the deal with people claiming the Tomb Raider trailer is a torture game?

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this weeks episode.

Who do you think came out on top at E3 2012?

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  1. I thought E3 was pretty lame this year. Star Wars 1313 was the only thing I really got excited for.

  2. That looked cool and so did the new Tomb Raider. I'm really looking forward to playing both of those.

  3. I need to take a look at SW 1313 and see what is up. The Last of Us has got me the most excited. Maybe I'm a sucker for the reversed stacked type logo.


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