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Who Burned My Toast Ep. 67: Journey and a Killer Bee Burrito

Amado, Brad and our PC guru Drew are on deck to deliver you some entertainment and sensual awkward silences in this episode. If you're a smart kid, you may have noticed that we're talking about thatgamecompany's beautifully designed game, Journey. If you've haven't played this game yet, stop what you're doing and go! Run to your PS3 and download this game. Spoiler alert, we love the game and give you our thoughts on the game. Please don't listen if you haven't played it yet. After your done, post your thoughts in the comments section below.

We also cover DrawSomething, Silent Hill HD Collection, PS4 Orbis and Assassin's Creed III.

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  1. Mario 2 for NES was the first game I ever beat as well. And the last boss was named Wart or something? Then after I remember Mario laying in bed with that Lullaby music playing while one of his eyes opened then shut.

  2. Yep his name was Wart and he was a big fat toad. He hated veggies and that's how you killed him by making him eat them lol. Here's an awesome cover of the ending theme of that game if you care to hear :) These guys are so good!


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