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PAX 2011: Part 2 - The Hangover

Better late than never we always say. This is part 2 of our Pax Prime 2011 podcast series, technically Episode 54. We originally recorded the podcast live with two Destructoid community member's Eric and Thomas of after a long night of hard drinking and vomiting. It however was a train wreck of opinions and mom jokes. We will somehow figure out a way to get the good parts of that recording out to you in the near future. But lets forget about the past and talk about the future of the games we played on the last day of Pax.

We wrap things up and give away an XBox live avatar Retro City Rampage t-shirt and a discount code for, so you can purchase awesome video game clothing and accessories. The games we talk about include; Heroes of Ruin, Jurassic Park, Street Fighter X Tekken, Retro City Ramapge, Aliens: Colonial Marines, SSX, Fire Fall, and BloodRayne. We hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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