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Ep 49: E3 2011, Your Movies are Boring!

With E3 finally behind us we can talk about all the things I got to play during the 3 day event. We usually provide links for everything we talk about but if I did that I don't know how I'd sleep tonight!

So take it as it is! This weeks show is a two and a half hour info packed, hoarse voiced, questions answered episode on all things that I got to check out at E3. Here's a list of the things we talked about:

SquareEnix: Dead Island, FFXIII-2, Dungeon Seige 3, Deus Ex, Wakfu (mmo)
Konami: Metal Gear Peacewalker, Snake Eater, Silent Hill Downpour,
Namco Bandai: Dark Souls,
Bethsda: Skyrim, RAGE
EA: Mass Effect 3, Battlefield
Capcom: Dragon’s Dogma, SF X Tekken, Street Fighter 3 third strike online, RE: Racoon City, Resident Evil Revelations DS,
Atlus: Catherine, Cursed Crusade
Driver, Assassin’s Creed whatever, Rayman
Nintendo: Wii U, Mario 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, Star Fox Multiplayer, Luigi’s Mansion, Heroes of Ruin, Kid Icarus,
Sony: Vita, Xperia Play (minecraft), Resistance 3,
Microsoft: Renegade Ops, Captain America, Gears of War 3,
Warner Bros: Arkam City, Lotr War in the North (why is it always the north?)

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