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Ep 48: L.A. SNOIRE

Welcome back listeners to another fully stuffed episode of Who Burned My Toast. We waste no time and dive into our thoughts on E3 and discuss our most anticipated games of the show. One of our very own, Amado Bustos is going to make his way down to L.A. and see if he can bust his way into the expo. We're asking you to send us in your requests for the games you want to know about and we'll report back with Amado's hands on feedback. We may have to bribe a few developers, but we'll do what it takes to get you the information you deserve.  

If you couldn't tell from the imagery above, We're talking about L.A. Noire in great detail. Brad has been playing L.A. Noire diligently and is going to let you know if Rockstar newest game has lived up to the hype or is a complete snore.

So listen up! All this and much more on this weeks episode of Who Burned My Toast?

Here are the topics we discuss this episode.
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  1. First, nice banner job!

    "What's up internets?"
    Plural? I knew you liked the former President!

    As for Capcom-Unity not answering...I know a guy that won a MHT giveaway from them, and last I heard...he still didn't have the game(6+ months after the contest ended!).

    Sounds like Capcom-Unity could use some new communication personnel.

    Amado, as for E3 , you need to get a janitor's outfit, a mop, and a bucket...and SNEAK BACKSTAGE Monday! First pictures of the WiiHD being duck-taped together FTW!

    As for L.A. Noire and the face technology, here's a link with a YouTube video embedded about the technology used for recording the actors in it:

    Sounds like good technology, but bad writing from your experience...

  2. Thanks, it was pretty easy to do.. a few cut and pastes and some healing brush does wonders.

    I loved G.W.! He has a wealth of one liners.

    Well Unity did pull through for Amado again this year for E3 and hes there now.. playing tons of games.

    L.A. Noire tech I'm sure will be seen everywhere. It's too good not be used... I bet another animated movie will use it soon.

    The writing was good, but how it was integrated into the game design just isn't cutting the mustard. It's sounds good just doesn't play good.


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