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Ep 47: The End is Nigh!

We love video games at Who Burned My Toast, but we also love to talk about the craziness that is going on in the world. This week we spend time discussing some of the signs of the Apocalypse that have lead us to believe the end of days are nigh. There is a lot of "information" out there and we try to get you mentally prepared for Judgment day on May 21st 2011. Have you seen any of this May 21st talk in your neighborhood?

On the games front we are patiently waiting for E3 to arrive in the coming weeks. To pass the time, Brad has been playing Conduit 2 for Wii. The first game had a lot of potential and Wii fans have been waiting to see how this one was going to turn out. We let you know how we think it turned out.

All this and much more on this weeks episode of Who Burned My Toast?

Here is a list of some of the topics we cover this week on the show.
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  1. It is true. Look hard enough, and the number you want to see, will show itself. Count how many words I have typed.

  2. If you have a QWOP contest, the skies will be polluted by the flames of computers set on fire in fits of rage.

  3. Yes QWOP contest! Coming with the contest rules now >:) Mwahahaha!

  4. I would like to know how many people would like to compete in this QWOP tournament... who's interested?


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