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Ep 46: Why does it say paper jam, when there is NO PAPER JAM!?

Holy s#!t, it has been extremely busy in the world of gaming over the last two weeks. Nintendo confirmed at their investor meeting that they are indeed showing of their new console at E3 and will be releasing it sometime after April 2012. Then the big whopper lands at our feet. The PlayStation Network gets hacked and it looks like it's the biggest data breach in history. The PR nightmare for Sony is still happening as we speak, but more importantly it is certain your data has been stolen, so take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

It's not all doom and gloom on the podcast as we bring in a guest host, my cousin Jesse (unofficial Mortal Kombat Expert) to talk about our thoughts on the new Mortal Kombat. Is it a flawless victory?

We also bring breaking news of a new console from Sega. We'll just let that bit of information stew in your brain for awhile. All this and much more on this weeks episode of Who Burned My Toast?

Here is a list of the topics we cover this week on the show.
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