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Ep 45 Nintendo breaks out the Duct Tape.

Episode 45 of Who Burned my Toast is ready! We'd be remissed if we didn't first mention Nintendo's new console rumored to be at E3 this year. There are some crazy details coming out of... well, everywhere.

As of this episode we've also taken up roles. Brad is now in charge of Nintendo Wii,  Nintendo 3DS and DS. I'll be in charge of the XBOX 360, PC, and the PSP. We'll be sharing responsibility for the PS3 since we both have one and are interested in both.

Thanks for listening and enjoy this weeks Toast!
Here is a list of the topics we covered on this weeks show.
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  1. My son takes offense to the BABY INSULTS!

    FYI...most babies don't eat peanut butter for at least a year(I think), because of the possible PEANUT allergy.

    HOW old were you when you FIRST played a Zelda game...exactly what Butcher said...5! Just like Steel Diver...which I LOLed about your "If I was 5, I wouldn't even play it" comment.
    But yea, the same intro needs to have a "SKIP" option.

    As for the (ahem)DUCK Tape, it only has to be 2.25 Wiis...I already did the math.
    IF this next system has 1080P as a standard, then it will only need to be 2.25 Wiis, because Wiis can output no need for the extras.

    I have REFUSED to talk about Project Cafe so far...even with my site name, and a screenshot I've had saved for over 4 weeks now from the 3DS press conference that is very fitting for this topic in general.


    Anywho, it's late, I'll finish more comments tomorrow...and THANKS for the plug!

  2. @Coffee Yes it is also know as duck tape! I threw a couple extra Wiis in there since supposedly its going to be more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox, but I highly doubt it.

    Talking about Project Cafe for now is useless, but its pretty crazy that there has been such a big leak of news and its fun to make fun of everyone's speculations.

  3. Duck tape is a brand! I'm trying to help them out. Did you know that if a brand name becomes assimilated into common language the original brand is no longer copyright holder?

    And yeah I guess I just threw peanut butter in there. In reality they smell like cabbage :D!

    Nintendo Café. The software will be called Beans. The peripherals will be called Creamer, and instead of referring to the "cloud" they'll call it the "froth".

  4. @Brad J:
    Nintendo is probably releasing a slightly updated console they've had in the wings since 2006. I'm guessing they have "contingency" plans, for if a console fails quickly...and I'm guessing a HD console was going to be made available quickly had the Wii failed to catch on like it did.

    Being the rumors claim "Nintendo wants to recapture the hard core market", they can split it up...have a "Black" console for the hard core, and have a "Cream and Sugar" console for the casuals.

  5. @Coffee, they should just color it like Neapolitan Ice Cream, then everybody wins!

  6. Quoting The Princess Bride...INCONCEIVABLE! Great movie, it's in our collection.

    Slurping on coffee?! Snow cone, or coffee?

    As for the new "rumor" on the next Nintendo console name, Stream is one that's floating around now. Which with the screen on the controller, it would make sense.

    As for the MUSICAST! I did listen to the F-Zero one, and meant to comment...but FAILED to with my ADHD web surfing habits.

    *as I run to my shelter, I haven't/don't watch the Simpsons either

  7. What the?! No Simpsons for your either? Smh...

    Nintendo: Stream. -- No comment.

  8. Wee Wee Stream, there I said what everyone was already thinking.


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