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Ep 43 Playing Minecraft in Japan

Donate! Japan needs your help! If Captain Planet were here before you he'd slap the silly out of you until you helped. Then you can slap him silly for not being in Japan helping already.

This weeks episode is just the two of us. We bring the awesome to your ears not just with our sultry voices, but also with great tunes found on website! Listen here, then go there and support that thriving community. But then come back k?

Here is a list of the topics we covered on this weeks show.
Featured music for this episode: OCREMIX.ORG

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  1. What in the world...I was waiting on a choir to start singing there for a second during the intro. Good stuff.

    You sent me the invite to the party also...sorry I didn't show up, I guess my private jet was being used to shuttle the President around for another golfing trip.


    You know, your thieving video story, makes me want to watermark my videos now...

  2. lol! yeah I really like that intro. It definitely gets stuck in my head :P.

    And I really do think you should watermark your videos man. That's the main thing we learned from this. People will steal your videos and not give a poo about it. You got some really cool videos so I can see idiots trying to steal it for themselves.

  3. Yeah the intro is right on the border of driving you insane but it works and its definitely unique!

    @Coffee What! you dont have a private jet. Next time you can ride on WBMT airlines... just send money to our address.

    I would definitely watermark your videos and your custom images.

    Also I apologize for mouth humping the mic and my hungover demeanor. I couldn't string any sentences together.

  4. OCremix is a great site. they have a torrent you can download with pretty much every song on the site.

    The new intro is good, it sounds like something from Rythym Heaven on DS. I gotta say though, "HOW'D IT GET BURNED?!" Should be a permanent opener. Its too freakin good.

  5. Sounds like we made need a poll to decide the podcast intro once and for all. Some people like this one and some like the other one.


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