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Ep 40: 誕生日おめでとう

Happy Birthday Link! The Legend of Zelda turned 25 years old on Feb. 21st and on this episode we talk about one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history. We're joined by new host Derrick Vermin and listener of the podcast Lorenzo Romero. We discuss some of our favorite Zelda memories and how the series has changed or not changed over the years. Also we figure out who's pre-ordering a 3DS and why. All this and more on Who Burned My Toast.

Here is a list of the topics we covered on this week.
  • Legend of Zelda
  • 3DS
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Hard Corps
  • Battle Toads Meme
  • Lost in Shadows
  • Amado learns about Racism
  • the Zelda Project

Featured music for this episode: Zelda Series.

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  1. @Brad:
    Good call on Link with the right/left hand issue. The Wii version was flipped/mirrored like you said, compared to the GameCube version...even though the Wii version released first, and they delayed the GameCube version a few weeks after the game's release.

    As for Skyward Sword, I can't say I'm excited for it, but I'm interested in it.
    The combat system looks like it COULD BE interesting if implemented well, especially with making it fresh and causing us to actually have to pay attention to how/when we attack enemies.

    As for Kinect, I've heard Kinect Sports is the best title for the system...unless you're really into dancing, then it's Dance Central.

    On the topic of "new systems", and getting ripped off when they release new ones...I remember calling Nintendo's customer service back in 2002, when they dropped the price from $200, down to $150 and told them it was ridiculous I had just purchased their console barely 6 months prior for $50 more...I guess they redeemed themselves with the Wii by keeping it at $250 for almost 3 years.

  2. Man I commend you for actually calling Nintendo to complain. For some reason I've never thought it'd be worth it to complain about stuff like that. Mainly because I figure they really don't give a shit because they already have my moneys.

    Look what it's done for them though. I'm hesitating to buy an amazing system that I normally would have just went and bought with no question.

    Bitches~ If they weren't bad enough before, I think Apple has helped embolden them to continue with that pattern.

  3. @Coffee, I really did think that it was common knowledge why they flipped the Wii version of Twilight Princess. I guess it shows my fanboy colors.

    I'm really hoping for Skyward Sword has something more to it than motion plus that makes it stand out. Like we said on the podcast it seems the last 3 games really have been staying true to the mold.

    @Amado, you shut that mouth and take back what you said about your true god NINTENDO! You know your buying a 3DS day one.


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