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Ep 37: FPS's. We love them, We hate them.

American seems to be in love with FPS's and we want to know why. We do discuss the Killzone 3 open beta, but we also dive deeper into our FPS pasts identifying favorites and what the hell makes us want to play them in the first place. Do American gamers have an weird obsession with the genre for some reason?  We try to figure it out and more on this episode of Who Burned My Toast! Tell us what was the first FPS game to make you become obsessed with the genre and some of your favorite memories while playing them. 

Here is a list of the topics we covered on this week.
  • Killzone 3 Open Beta Impressions
  • Bulletstorm and the Poophole
  • Our first FPS memories
  • GoldenEye 007 & Medal of Honor Allied Assault
  • Derrick is too good at games
  • Billy the Corndog
Featured music for this podcast: Bionic Commando Rearmed Soundtrack by Simon Viklund

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  1. "Tell us what was the first FPS game to make you become obsesses with the genre and some of your favorite memories while playing them."

    GoldenEye 007 on the N64.
    Completing the Facility in under the time required to unlock invincibility is probably a favorite memory of mine...

    Also, playing Far Cry on the PC, and seeing an enemy fly over a ledge after chunking chunking a grenade up above me...

  2. Yeah man! - those challenges to unlock cheats were awesome. Although at that point I remember thinking to myself: "If I can beat all of these challenges why would I even need them?"

    Lol. I definitely remember being called "the most dangers exploding object on screen" by muh friends in Allied Assault.

    Thanks for commenting Coffee :)

  3. First off- Fuck you, you perfect dark thief. lol jk. good times. It would've been icing on the cake if you pulled off that ransom mac-talk call LOL! Oh~ and it was a solo ninja mission of my own. Kris was busy.

    "Tell us what was the first FPS game to make you become obsesses with the genre and some of your favorite memories while playing them."

    -Doom/Wolfenstien got me interesting in the genre, but not fanatic.

    -Goldeneye got me a bit fanatic about first person shooters. Also beat Facility under the time. I got :56, then my brother got :54.

    -Unreal Tournament introduced me to keyboard an mouse, but I could not play online against anyone.

    -Quake II & III rocked my world. Opened up my eyes to the level of intensity people could possibly play a FPS. But it was one big shit-storm. No organization. Super fun though.

    -Starsiege:Tribes is when I really starting getting fanatic. I was sniping on 56k. Everything I ever needed to know about FPS'ing I learned in this game. Anticipation, moving constantly while shooting, outflanking, building a second base, coordinating organized attacks, air shots, running shots, jumping shots, flying/land vehicles, jetpacks, everything. Because it was on 56k I essentially powerleveled my anticipation ability.

    -Perfect Dark, mastered the console FPS. And all the while I was wishing for keyboard and mouse.

    -Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. End of the line. Magnum Opus. God Tier. Everything I built up to be, then released on cable internet connection.
    ~I always picked the Scientist outfit because everyone can see my white coat and take a shot at me, from which I judged their trajectory and one-shotted them, no-scope sniped.
    ~Came up with different 'trick shots'. Like jumping, spinning 180 in the air, shoot with no scope headshot, 180 back to front, land and continue running.
    ~Managed a average kill:death ratio of 50:1 ~ 100:1, and most instances that I had 100 kills, second place was at 40-50 kills.
    ~Kicked constantly for "Hacking" "Wall Hacking" "Invisible Hack" "Damage Hack". All of which were always false claims.
    ~Participated in Ladder Tournaments on websites, etc with a Clan.
    ~would stay up for 36 hrs at a time playing it, and stay at #1 for 99% of the time.

    After Moh:Allied Assault, not much could grab my attention unless they improved on the genre. So naturally Halo didn't interest me, as Tribes(1998) was already far better than it.

    Sorry for the BOOK of a comment. lol

  4. God. I remember those jumping 180 "swipe" shots. After you did it for the first time this was me:

  5. @vermin
    *bows in honor, bows in honor


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