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EP 31: Interview with Danny Baranowsky, creator of the Super Meat Boy soundtrack

This weeks episode is exactly what the the strapline says. Danny joins the podcast and answers a ton of questions about his work, Super Meat Boy, and reveals some of his upcoming projects. If you haven't checked out Danny's website at, go do it now!

On top of all that, we had to take a few minutes to talk about the monumental discovery of a new life form by NASA scientists that lives off poison and highlight a new augmented reality device the TagCandy. It uses a lollipop and your tongue to deliver you the sensation and sounds of fireworks. Yes, it sounds completely ludicrous, but oh man is it fun to joke about. And finally we play an encore of our joke intro song created by Souleye (Magnus Palsson). Thanks again Magnus.

If you got something you want to talk about or have some music to share with us, feel free to drop us an email or post in the comments section. Enjoy this weeks TOAST!

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