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Ep 32: The Word of Toast 2010
Holiday Giveaway!

It's that time of the year to reflect back on the long list of games we played in 2010. The Word of Toast is our yearly tally of all the best and worst video games we've gotten our hands on and discuss some the highlights of the year in gaming. We want to know what were some of your favorite games and memories from the last year, so speak up in the comments section.

We're also are giving away Brad's copy of NBA Jam for the Wii for our Holiday Giveaway on this particularly festive episode. If your interested in scoring a copy of the game for free, please listen up at the end of the podcast to get all the details on how to enter and win. You will have until January 8th to enter and we'll announce the winner on the podcast. The contest is only available to listeners in the lower 48 states. Sorry Hawaii, Alaska and the world.

As finally we feature the music of Lasse Gjertsen for your listening pleasure. We're off for the holiday season but we'll be returning next year, refreshed and ready for more podcasting shenanigans. Thanks for a great year and obey Metal Santa by headbanging your way through the holidays.

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  1. Wii Speak FTW!!!

    Wii Speak is an awesome device!

    Reasons it's awesome:
    1) Keeps people gainfully employed by making/packaging it
    2) Keeps the garbage people in business, because they have to keep picking up that trash from Wii owners houses
    3) More trash bags are sold, because when it's thrown away, it takes up some room in a trash bag
    4) More prescription medications are sold, because people may have fits of rage trying to understand other players when using it
    5) More hearing aids are sold, because some gamers just may think it's their own hearing that's bad
    6) Possibly more tvs have been sold, with people thinking it was simply bad audio on their television, and not the awesome piece that is Wii Speak

    These are just a few of the reasons Wii Speak is awesome...

  2. LOL, these are great coffee. We'll have to read them on the podcast.


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