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Episode 28: Arr, there be Dragons in here

This week we feature select tracks from the Indie game VVVVVV for your enjoyment. If you've never heard of the game, go ahead, check out the demo and pick up the soundtrack. We spend time on this episode talking about Dragon Quest IX, NBA Jam, Sonic Colors for DS, and our thoughts on Bioware's RPG Dragon Age Origins for the PS3.

Now that we are on our weekly schedule each episode will be a mix of gaming news, games that we're disgruntle about, interviews, and feature music from bands or video game soundtracks. If you got something you want to talk about or have some music to share with us feel free to drop us an email or post in the comments section.

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Are you a fan of Bioware and their style of RPGs?


  1. Listening right now, and listening to you talk about Super Meat Boy, and I think the WiiWare version isn't confirmed anymore.

    I thought they said the file size was the issue, and were thinking about releasing a retail version for like $20 or something...when they were asking if Wii owners would purchase it, there were a lot of angry responses.

    Maybe there's been an update since they were originally talking about that in the last 3 weeks?

  2. Na. That's exactly where it's at right now. Having file size issues. I guess we shoulda mentioned that lol.

    Actually it's kinda odd, we were just talking about this right now... All this information about Super Meat Boy, and the Wii version, Mac version, Steam version, PC version, 360 version, and all the characters that are exclusive to certain ones--It's all getting way too damn confusing.

    I still really want it though, I just want it on a system that has good controllers (That definitely means NO 360 VERSION FOR ME!).

  3. Politics!!! Where was I?! HORRENDOUS!

    BTW, President Obama has played more golf so far, than President Bush did in his entire 8 years...

  4. LMAO! I knew that'd get a response from you! XD!

  5. @Coffee Don't make me ban you! I love that you stick to the golf comparison. I thought Bush stopped playing to be in solidarity with the troops or it was looking bad after his first year of fun fun fun in the sun. :-P

    Yeah the Wiiware Super Meat Boy is up in the air. Everyday there is another post on the blog about something else that is happening. I'm sure there will be a random post after the PC version comes out at the end of the month.


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