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Podcast Ep. 26 - Horrid video game movies

Join us as we chat with our guest, comic book artist Derek Fridolfs about his work, what it's like to draw Batman, and working inside the industry.

We want to know, why the hell do video game movies suck so bad? Movie studios have managed to figure out a formula for creating blockbuster comic book movies. Why not games? Our first target that we focus most of our anger and confusion towards is the one and only Uwe Boll, who has single handily produced some the worst video game movies in recent memory. So, while we're shitting on Uwe, we try to figure out why exactly Hollywood can't produce a decent video game movie.

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What, in your opinion is the worst video game movie ever made?

Why do you think Hollywood can't seem to get it right, or do you even want movies based off of your favorite video game franchises?


  1. Great podcast, and having a comic artist as a guest was a great addition to the show. :D Go Derek!

  2. Thanks Mr. Irongiant... Btw you're next!


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