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Podcast Ep. 24 - Halo Reach + Mr. Flipper, with music from Powerglove

For the past year we've been recording the podcast on skype from the cities of Oakland and Fresno, CA. On this very special 24th episode of the podcast, we've recorded the episode from the same location in Amado's sweaty ass apartment in Fresno. What's the special occasion? Halo Reach and a fishing trip into the Sierra Mountains.

After a weekend of playing Halo Reach Multiplayer, sniping little kids online, drinking copious amounts of beer, and saying goodbye to our short lived fishy friend Mr. Flipper (pictured above with a Gravity Hammer being operated by Amado's wife). Brad finally admits that maybe, just maybe Halo is not so bad after all. But is Reach the best Halo game ever?

An as usual we love exposing everyone to kick your mom in the face good video game music. So this episode features the amazing metal band Powerglove in celebration of their new album Saturday Morning Apocalypse. If you haven't listened to Powerglove before, GO... GO NOW and listen.

Sit back and enjoy the metal.

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What are your thoughts on Halo Reach? Best game ever or more of the same? 


  1. Regarding Fresno- The title of "Drunkest city" was determined by counting DUI's. Since our town put together a barrage of successful strategically placed check points, our numbers went through the roof!

    Regarding Halo:
    Years ago I was always telling people that Halo is a bad copy of a game made years ago by the name of Starsiege:Tribes and with no keyboard/mouse. I continued to say, "What are they gonna rip off next? Jet packs?"
    Lo and fuckin' behold...
    I'll go ahead and start a new saying now- "What are they gonna rip off next? Stationary/Deploy-able service stations that allow you to receive things like a deploy-able gun/laser turret, deploy-able teleporters, or a wall-shield for your base to add more defense?"

    It's not even really about using old ideas. It's about them claiming they're original, but stealing ideas, and yet still not being as good as the game they stole it from.


  2. LOL! I remember you playing Tribes 2 all the time. Yeah Halo did rip them off I won't deny that. I also won't deny that Halo isn't the best shooter evah. But it does do some things right.

    After recording the episode we went to and actually checked out all the things they have there for the community. I think at that point I realized why people love Halo so much. It isn't completely about the gameplay. It's also about the support they are given by

    It's like a prospect employee. Are you going to hire an artist who is insanely talented and amazing, but never hits deadlines, and sometimes doesn't even show up for work, or are you going to hire a Mediocre artist who's always there, and has a great track record for hitting deadlines?

    I still enjoy MW2 more than Halo: Reach, but I can see the draw of the game for those reasons.

    The gameplay also isn't broken or anything, and it isn't full of cheaters (yet). Also if you are a social creature, and all of your friends play Halo: Reach, won't it be fun to share those experiences with them, and even some videos, screenshots and all that mess?

    Honestly it's really easy to hate Halo. So many reasons there are to hate it. But if you can set that aside for a moment, and try to enjoy the experience with a friend or two, most people would enjoy it. That's really what games are about, enjoyment.

    P.S. remember I used to hate Halo as well? Until I played it with Chris.

  3. Don't click on this link Verm! Don't doooooooo it!

  4. I clicked :P
    -Customizing levels in general? Doom. People made replicas of their schools on Doom.
    -Customizable levels and physics to the degree of changing the game entirely? Half-life 2's gary's mod.
    -Every PC shooter between those 2 games have been capable of level creation and debugging to some degree. I learned how to fly in medal of honor allied assault. oh, and teleport like night crawler.

    About my previous post:
    One thing i cannot argue about is "fun". If people have fun doing something, you can't argue with that.
    If someone finds Halo fun, even though it's a little kid version of games that came out 10 years ago, then so be it.
    If someone likes to play with a stick in the mud, but he's having fun, then so be it.
    Let people have fun.

    But my point about it all of this is:
    It's like I've been driving a car for 10 years, and have slowly progressed all the way up to operating super-sonic jets. And now someone says they created a "Fun Kart", which is a vehicle with 4 wheels that isn't even as fast as the first car I drove, plus it has shitty handling and no where near the amount of special features. So, a bunch of newbies are buying these Fun Karts and bragging about it being the best thing to operate. When i mention cars to them, they say that they are too complicated and they can't get used to them. Dare I even mention to them that I've progressed to jets? The whole situation makes me Facepalm so hard that I leave a bruise. lol horrible metaphor, i know, but it works.

    so it's not that i just don't want to pick it up and play it, it's rather- I have possessed more advanced games to play instead. I'll stick with my jet.

    And a company supporting its own game after it already came out and listen to feedback from its players online and fixing things? That's been standard issue for PC shooters forever. Especially when they GIVE the source code to the players to do what they want with it in their own time; that's how Portal was created. Some students in college created their own game our of the source code provided with half-life 2 and Valve picked them up.


  5. *runs home crying to mom*

    Great points Mr. Vermin.

  6. He kinda has a lot of points Den.

    @The Vermin - All valid but its all about how you market that "Fun Cart" and Microsoft and Bungie got you beat on that front..

    Just sayin'.

  7. I think everyone can take a lesson on Microsoft and Bungie's marketing prowess.
    It is the essense of salesmenship: Whatever you have to sell, sell it like it's worth 10 times as much.

    Nintendo has been a bit modest on that front. They want to just say, "look, here I am. Buy me."
    While Microsoft is like "GENTLEMEN!!! BEHOOOOOOLD!!!!"

    What's sony like?

  8. @Vermin - Sony was like "Yo this shit is so good, you will by it for any price". Now it's "We're Hardcore, Your Hardcore! - Kevin Butler"

    Nintendo is going to need to figure how to be more like Microsoft if they want to sell the 3DS at such a high price.

  9. I gotta hand it to Nintendo for delaying that 3DS til after christmas, though. product quality is their priority, at the cost of a sales boom. gutsy move. we'll see how this turns out.

    It's a good thing that my girlfriend likes videogames. that makes a valentines day gift and a 3DS compatible with each other. bad month for male self-shopping.

  10. @TheVermin.... thanks for reminding me. Good idea lol


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