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Podcast Ep. 22 - Sunday Randomness

On this weeks episode we take a break from the onslaught of hard hitting interviews we've been conducting over the last few months and sit down and talk about games with our friend Andy (a.k.a. Mint) from Episode 12. We always record the podcast on Sundays and as the name implies, we talk about all sort of things. We go from discussing Gamescon in Deutschland to reminiscing about the days when we were young in the early 90's, hanging out in Arcades playing classic games and evading the pedophiles lurking in our digital sanctuary.

So sit back, grab a beer (or Root Beer if your underage) and enjoy this weeks toast.

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If you have a story about your days in the Arcade slammin' down soda and burning through quarters playing Mortal Kombat II. Drops us an email or post a comment below. We'd love to hear them.  

Also don't forget to like us on Facebook. We also apologize for the audio quality this time around, we had some technical difficulties with the internetz.

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