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Who Burned My Toast Episode 12: Crisco Party?

On this weeks episode we talk about Final Fantasy XIII and Crisco with a new guest host Mr. Mint, who is a listener we have bribed into doing some of our work for us. If you couldn't tell there are a tons of games coming out at the moment and we can't get to them all, especially on-rail marathons like FFXIII. Please welcome Mr. Mint to the podcast and we hope to continue bringing guest listeners on the show to talk about games and possibly get into some heated debates. So if you think you've got what it takes then drop us a line.

What's a Crisco party you may be asking yourself? We have no idea but we talk about it. We also give final reviews on Heavy Rain's ability to make grown men care about shit and how Mass Effect 2 makes dudes try to bang aliens with plastic button commands.
X X X X Y X.

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