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Who Burned My Toast Episode 11 — The Nintendo Media Summit makes the Butcher go Fanboy

We've made it past the episode 10 milestone and were still here making podcasts! If you've thought you were going to get rid of us, you would be dead wrong faithful listeners.

On this episode the Butcher and Den talk about Nintendo's media summit and what went down on that news packed day. All signs point that Nintendo has quite the lineup of hardcore games this year with more to come. Is it a strategy to take on the upcoming fall motion control onslaught from Natal and the Playstaion Arc? We discuss while Butcher glows with Fanboyism in Nintendo's warm golden light. Speaking of motion controls, we're going to be seeing a lot of it very soon. We talk about how Motion controls seem to suffer from some form of the Uncanny Valley syndrome and if they will ever be the replacement of good old fashion gaming controllers.

In terms of games this week we don't have any reviews for y'all but we do have some first impressions on Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain. Did you like Assasin's Creed 2? Well the Butcher didn't and Den did. Let's just say we agree to disagree on that game. We also don't like talking to a wall here at Who Burned My Toast so speak up if you got something to say. We don't bite. We'll Den has a habit of licking used games.

Listen to the Podcast

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