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Who Burned My Toast Episode 9 — To 3D, or not to 3D: that is the question

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Blow off the stupid Super Bowl and download another episode of our podcast. On this episode we review Sky Crawlers for Wii, Half Minute Hero PSP, and Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias for Wiiware.

At this point everyone in the Universe has visited Pandora and those crazy blue people that live on that glowing CG planet. So why is Avatar one of the biggest movies ever? Because of the not so new technology of 3D. It's the new next big thing in entertainment and it seems that 3D is also on it's way to gaming as well. Den and I sit down and try to figure out how in the hell 3D is going to benefit the Video Game industry.

What do you guys think about 3D gaming? Is it going to be the next big thing for Video Games?

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