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Who Burned My Toast Episode 10 — Bayonetta blows, and Travis scores another touchdown

It's review time and in this weeks episode Den talks about Bayonetta on the 360. Let's just say he didn't seem to get turned on as much as most people did to this action brawler. Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes is back on the wii for a second round of ass kicking. How does this game rank up to the first game in the series? Take a listen and find out you Scallywags.

Also on this episode whether you like it or not the Nintendo Wii is the master of the universe in terms of sales this console generation and has outsold the NES, o_0. Why in the hell is this thing selling like crazy? Den, has a theory and she is called the Mega Ant Queen. WTF, your probably asking yourself. Just hear us out and prepare to get your fanboy face on.

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  1. I wrote a pretty long comment, but instead i'll paraphrase it into quotes:

    -Den, the fact that you enjoyed DoA: Beach Volleyball pretty much doesn't allow you give negative points on anything sexual in a videogame. In other words, to all your statements about Bayonetta i can rebuttal with "but you liked DoA:Beach Volleyball".
    -Watching girls play and enjoy Bayonetta kinda renders any arguments about the sexuality moot. My girlfriend almost bought it.
    -If it came out back then INSTEAD of Devil May Cry, you would've been all over it. You know i'm right.

    Suggestions to make things more inviting:
    -Be more practical with your reviews. Don't be so biased. In other words, if you've had your fill of Devil May Cry, i can understand why you're already tired of Bayonetta after 10 min. But if you are giving a public review, then you have to cater to the audience, to a degree. Which is to change "It is" into "In my opinion, this is" or to address others opinions. To be able to say that some people will enjoy it, without putting them down at the same time. Maybe have a Rant section for that, instead, and inject it with a ton of humor. make your complaints entertaining. (e.g. Angry Video Game Nerd, Athene, etc)

    -maybe continue on with a review, more indepth? not sure what i'm trying to say here. Let's say you're reviewing sports, so you pick baseball and go play with some friends. have a bit of fun and then give your opinion. Compared to someone who plays baseball professionally, your opinion doesn't carry much weight. Plus you don't know what the 'life' is like. Back to video games- Modern Warfare 2. playing it, once through, will give you one impression of the game, but i'm sure you both have a much more indepth impression of how the games 'life' is after playing it so much now. "Life" meaning how the community reacts progressively to the game. Hidden rules, primary choices, do's and don't's. granted, this only applies to games that are played competitively.
    So my suggestion is:
    If you cannot give an opinion of a game as an avid player, then perhaps seek interviews or make more open discussions/forums? discussions means more hits and comments on your site, too.

    i dunno. i'll shut up now.

  2. You again Vermin!


    I get your point that you think because I played DOA BV, the sexual argument is moot. But if you actually listen to what I'm saying in it's review. I actually go into the game's Positive points and Negative points. When I go into the sexuality, I'm just giving my opinion, some people out there might find that totally great, or in females cases, not even noteworthy. If that's the case, then they might actually enjoy the game. As I said "It's a well made game, very well polished, Very well done" I'm sure it's enjoyable by people. But I give it a bad review, because I DID NOT ENJOY IT. [your girlfriend almost bought it, what stopped her?]

    And you might be half right, that if Bayonetta came out instead of DMC... but the point here is; it didn't, and in fact, it's a duplicate copy of something already out there. That's why it's mediocre at best, it's already been done 4 times, with less lame sexualization (There's a better way to do this with out coming off as completely stupid as it does).


    You have some good suggestions here! Doing interviews would actually be pretty fun, and I know a few gamers that'll gladly throw down their opinion (bias as THAT might by), and that brings me to my point. I give no pretense that I'm unbiased. Look all over the internet and see if ANYONE is unbiased. Even IGN will give games to review to people they know already enjoy the series. If it happens that they give it to the wrong person, they then have a "Second Opinions" to help quell all the angry fanboys.

    MW2 is a great example of a game that lives on through a community, but not all games are subject to this. And any games that do have an online community, you can figure most of those things out within playing online, which we do. Demon's Souls was a good example of this.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions Vermin, keep this up and we just might give you your own segment once in a while to rant about me lol.

  3. Well it looks like our tagline has been proven true once again! Reckless Gaming Opinions. Den I think Vermin may have got you there.

    Thanks Vermin for the more than constructive feedback. Balancing the line of doing a review and interjecting your opinion into one is a fine line to walk indeed. And yes, more opinions from other sources and maybe interviews have all been in the back burner. We're still in Beta vers 1.0 of the blog and Podcast. Mmm maybe we should put beta in the header.

  4. I did listen, Den =P

    Unbiased vs Biased:
    You know what... I think I'll retract my statement. Biased can be entertaining. Maybe you guys should find a game you totally disagree on and purposely argue about it for everyone to hear.

    Future Interviews:
    We have a video game legend living here in Fresno. did you know that? I didn't until recently. I used to play against him. Before he turned GOD-TIER! He's a world champion at Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

    His name is Chris Schmidt.

    On Dance Dance Revolution, he got double and triple A's on Max 300 and Maxx Unlimited. On Puzzle Fighter he's a speed demon. And on Marvel vs. Capcom 2?.... just take a look...


    p.s. She didn't buy it because i told her not to. /shocked
    p.p.s. I <3 to Rant


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