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Episode 8: 2009, the future is MEOW!

Hey everyone it's that time again. Yet another episode of the Who Burned my Toast podcast has been released. This week we issue some warnings about PS3s 256 online multiplayer behemoth MAG and have some not so kind words for Final Fantasy Cyrstal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for Wii. We go into detail why you just might want to avoid these games and spend your hard earned lettuce elsewhere.

Since it's still the new year to us, it's time for reflection. That's why on this episode we proudly announce "The Word of Toast 2009". What we got here for you is a recap of the best and most burned games Den and the Butcher have had chance to get their grubby opinionated hands on. We also take it a step further and point some fingers at game companies as well that got under our skin.

Feel free to join us and send in emails or comment here to tell us what your favorite games were and what games really pissed you off last year and why. If we get some good stuff we may end up using it on the podcast, making you an instant Super Star.

Listen to the podcast right here.

Feel free to email us at or post comments, suggestions, or death threats right here on the blog. We enjoy hearty debate. Bring it!

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