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The Chopping Block Episode 1: You've failed me

Welcome to SELECT_START's first podcast series that we're calling "The Chopping Block". What is this Chopping Block you may be asking yourself? The Chopping Block is place where Select Start takes some of the most hyped games of the day and chops them into little bits for analysis. Too see where they failed and to get down to the meat of its short comings. We've all had that experience of purchasing a new game and as time wears on you start to realize that the game just doesn't seem to live up to the high praise it received by the gaming media. It is our goal to have a honest dialog about a game and to give "you" the listener a place to hear the opinion of two average gamers who are on your side. So go on, share your thoughts or disagree with us, well... actually don't disagree with us your probably going to hate us anyways :).

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  1. Hey guys, Long time listener, first time blogger- lol jk jk

    i love what you guys have done here. Every minute of your podcast was very relevant to me. I like how things need to make sense to you guys more than "It looks cool". Hype can be a dangerous thing. I like your guys approach and follow-through.

    About those parts of the game where it's a cutscene and you have to press the right buttons at the right time:
    oldest use- Dragons Lair. that was THE WHOLE game. and that damn holographic game by Sega about a time-traveling cowboy.
    best use- something like DieHardArcade or DynamiteCops. from one fighting area to another, you run across a situation that you can resolve if you press the right buttons as they flash in front of the screen. Success meant a possible bonus and you don't have to deal with that group of enemies. Consequence- you have to beat that group before you can move on. This form seems alot better than "wrong button? YOU LOSE DOITALLOVERAGAIN!!!". Less dire, more tactical (yes, please.)

    Seriously, the tank control has got to go. OR, if there was more tactical moves associated with it. Rolls, swift turns, quick dodges. But ones that WORK. they made it work back then, but now for them to improve the rest of the game but keep the primitive control?- it holds the games potential back.

    and yeah, i don't see it as a full sequel. it's more of a ".5" filler to an upcoming sequel. A $20 PSN/XBOXlive download or something. But, since it was released as a complete game, following a line of legendary games, it is subject to our judging it as one.


  2. Thank you for your Comments Vermy!

    And wow, that's right I forgot about the time traveling cowboy game-- it was awesome!

    Your comments about the tank control are absolutely right, how is it that Dead Space could do it right, and RE cannot if they are the ones that made it up?

    Thanks for giving the podcast a listen :).

  3. Thanks for the Feedback Vermin. Nice Power Glove by the way. I'm jealous of the power in your hand. LOL.


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